Gallerys of Floresca from Purchase.

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These are the pictures I took of Floresca when first viewing the boat.

2 thoughts on “Gallerys of Floresca from Purchase.”

  1. Hi Jamie
    I like you have just bought a Halcyon 23
    Mine is 1968 vintage.
    Like you i will be attempting to refit her in time for the summer. I have never sailed a boat in my life so it will be a Big learning curve.
    I hope to follow you and your mate on the journey.
    Look forward to learning about the Halcyon from your point of view.

  2. Thanks Andy!

    Seems to me there are two sides to sailing. There’s the act of setting the sails relative to the wind and making the boat move and then there’s all the other stuff you need to know. Making the boat move relative to the wind isn’t that difficult, but learning about the tides, reading weather, navigation etc seems like a lot to learn at first, but it’s really fun stuff.

    With regards to fitting out/refitting hopefully we can learn from each other! I’ll follow your progress over at – or your blog if you get one up and going!


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