Much Improvement After Antifouling Work – Motoring to the River Yealm

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Slips Along Lovely!

I couldn’t wait to see how much difference all the hard work in the boat yard had made.

Ever since I bought the boat in Oct 2016 she’s had a really weedy bottom. The Yanmar 1GM 8hp engine has struggled to push her along at any more than 4Kts and any attempt to go faster has resulted in clouds of black smoke as the engine is put under too much load.

After all the work on the bottom I was keen to get out and see what difference all the work had made.

Unfortunately there was no wind, but I did have a lovely motor over to the river Yealm. On the way back into the Plym I touched 6Kts under motor alone and she was really happy chugging along at 5 to 5.5kts.

All that work has paid off 🙂

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